Change of story for Pat

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Pat is not evolving the way I had planned it to go and it’s probably the story which prompted a rewrite of my notes the fastest: after only 5 chapters and less than 3 months after initial planning!

Lucy had a drastic change much sooner in chapters beginning with the 3rd one, but it wasn’t so much throwing out the old planning as establishing a story line in a non-planned story.

Pat on the other hand had a distinct story arc which I am now realizing, I cannot write: it doesn’t fit with Patricia at all, since I wrote her too differently than I had planned to do.

I had a vision for Patricia, of who she was, of what she wanted, but as I was writing the original chapters, I realized that she isn’t the docile submissive I had planned but rather a very strong and opinionated woman who was brought into BDSM by her dominant husband and who wasn’t comfortable anymore in her role.

I was trying to write a new sort of submissive into this story only to realize that I had written a particular type of repressed dominant.

With her change of mind, pieces suddenly fall in place and I am in a better position to write Pat. Will it work well? I don’t know yet. But I feel like the new plan is more interesting.

PS: If you haven’t noticed yet, I now name my serials with really short names in order to have more space in my header for my schedule. “Pat” is easier to place than “Patricia”, and “Pets” is easier than “Suzy&Jill” which itself is easier to place than “Suzy and Jill”.



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