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Before I talk about my stories, I’d like to share that I am trying to get back on my feet to write… over the last 5 weeks or so, the buffer has shrunk to 6 weeks to only 1 full week and I am trying to solve this.

The Mixer of Lizzie is partly to blame, because I want to make it epic and I can’t seem to get it right, but my personal life had been interfering too. I hope to resume writing in the next few days.

So, I currently have 12 active serials.

8 are primary stories which run in theory on a 2 week cycle, from Monday to Thursday.

3 of them are alternates (Lucy, Phil and Olivia) which run very occasionally, usually when I need to take a pause from one of the primary stories for their respective day.

The last one, POV, is a primary story, but runs very occasionally.

When I start a serial, I make a plan of where it is going, what will occur in it short term, mid term, long term.

For Harmony for example, the short term was her run from her parents toward Sigma 8. The mid-term is her acclimatization to the life on Sigma 8. Long term, you may have guessed it, is her pretty much taking over the colony, bit by bit. This is where she is starting to be.

For Sue, the short term was the narrator dating Sue and getting to know her friends. The mid-term was discovering he also had to sleep with her friends. There was no long term planned and as such, I do not have a clear map of where it is going, but I am still in the mid-term and still have plenty of chapters in line for that serial, perhaps enough for me to plan the long-term.

My problem in 2012, the reason I ended up giving up on writing, was that many of my then active serials had exceeded their planning.

Helen was never properly planned. Many of Lindsey’s ideas ended up with Cathy because Cathy, unlike Lindsey, is a first person narrative. Cindy was pretty much improvised. Can you spot the pattern? All three are now in hiatus.

Cathy never had a plan: it was written whenever I had ideas, and it’s why it remains on hold (but still on the schedule).

Lucy was originally just a torture story, but it could not remain that way. Back in 2012, I had no idea on where to take that story, but I do, but I am having a hard time connecting it’s new long-term plan with the mid-term plan currently running (Lucy taking over Catherine’s life).

Suzy&Jill and Pets are way past their long term plans by now and I am extrapolating on it. Adding renovations for Suzy&Jill and using my Black Lotus dungeon ideas in Pets (and Pat). I am not worried with them either, because these are two of my favorite stories and I know the characters well.

Harmony is also one of my favorites and I have a ton of ideas for both the taking over aspect and the sexual parts for her. But more importantly, something big planned since before chapter 1 hasn’t occurred yet which shows that the story is still on track.

Sam is also on track, it has a direction where it is going and chapters 19 and 20 gave a big preview.

I am having problems with Lizzie, because she is getting seriously too close to her long term plan in only 30 chapters and I want to keep her story going.

But no currently active serials give more trouble than Phil, and it is unique in that aspect.

Phil has a clear long-term arc and sadly already pretty went through it’s short term arc in a long less chapters than I thought, and I now realize that I made fatal flaw when planning Phil: I didn’t plan a mid-term arc!

At such, I know where Phil will be in chapter 10-20, but I have no idea what to write for chapters 6-10!

I’ll get there eventually, but I wanted to give you some background on my serials.


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