5 Months anniversary, time for a break

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NSFWAuthor.info was launched on July 6th 2010, just 5 months ago now.

When it was originally put online, a lot of “Suzy and Jill” as well as a lot of “Pets” chapter were quickly placed online but by July 10th, a schedule was set-up with 1 chapter published per day.

Back then, the schedule wasn’t set in stone. I had 5 stories online and simply promised one new chapter per week. These were in no particular order:

  • Suzy and Jill
  • Pets
  • Lindsey
  • Susanna
  • Sylvana

Since then, the schedule was “set in stone” with each story getting a specific day for publication. A buffer was built and the schedule is now even published in the right column.

Sylvana got finished and Lindsey became an alternate story instead of the primary Monday story. 8 new stories were added to the schedule, 3 previously written or planned ones ( Cindy, Lucy and Helen) and 5 completely new stories (Olivia, Lizzie, Sam, Harmony, Cathy).

Sure, Olivia is a character that was created in 2001 and introduced in Susanna back then but she only became a lead character recently. Same thing with Harmony: she is the name of a main character from a story outlined a few years ago but the Harmony you know from this site had nothing in common with the University student on Mars I had envisioned.

I wouldn’t say writing for the site was all positive, but I managed to schedule a story on time every day since July 10th and feel like it’s a major milestone.

I admit that back in July, I had not envisioned publishing over 180 chapters and lasting until December with regular updates.

I do not get the number of visits I hoped I would get but my own progress exceeds my expectations. I just hope that in another few months, I will still be able to be as positive when I will no longer have any past stories to help me fill my updates.

For now however, I will be pausing for a well deserved Christmas Holiday, stopping to publish new chapters for the next few weeks.

My day job is always more demanding near the end of the fiscal year and this means that if I were to continue publishing updates at the same pace, the quality would suffer ever more than usual.

This doesn’t mean I will not be writing stories, I couldn’t stop even if I wanted. This only means that new chapters will be scheduled for January instead of for December.

I might publish holiday special chapters if I get in the holiday spirit, but honestly, I don’t think it will happen.

As a reader, perhaps you could use the time without new updates to read the stories you haven’t been following or simply to eat more turkey…

In all cases, I hope you have a great time.

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