January 2011 is now fully scheduled

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With the addition of “Sam Chapter 11: Twosome”, the last article for January 2011 is now ready to do as scheduled, meaning that even thought January didn’t even start yet, the month is all set.

Sure, the first 10 days are still officially a vacation days, with the first chapter only going online on January 10, but there are already 5 stories scheduled for February, meaning that without the vacation days, I would have still filled almost January, with 2 more days to go before the new year.

But more importantly, only 3 of my active stories do not have a chapter scheduled: Cathy, Lucy and Lindsey.

In the case of Lucy, I spent my Christmas holiday finding it a future, as it was never fully planned out. On January 22th, I have a blog scheduled talking about that called “A new direction for Lucy”. Thanks to the new direction, I have a new chapter planned for writing this week.

For Lindsey, a new POV story called “Michael, Notification”, explains what Lindsey’s ex-boyfriend has been up to since she left for Germany. It was planned to run within the Lindsey serial, but was moved in the new POV category. Sadly, Olivia and Lizzie are basically stealing many of my ideas which were meant for Lindsey. The reason is simple : Olivia and Lizzie are serialized stories with a clear goal but Lindsey is more episodic in nature, making these ideas almost “spoiled” if used for her.

Furthermore, my next chapter for Lindsey needs to be of her having fun with her teammates, but all my lesbian sex inspiration is getting transferred to Sam.

Finally, for Cathy, I have a new chapter in my schedule right after the new Lucy chapter. I still have no idea what it could be about and if it will be a flashback chapter like the last 3 or a present chapter like those before that. All I know is it will not feature lesbian sex because I am out of inspiration on that subject for the moment.

Update on January 1st 2011: There is now a Lucy chapter published, but it is an interlude, a chapter with different characters giving us more information about what is going on. Chapter 4 will focus once more on Lucy herself.

There is also a new Cathy chapter published, but it’s more of an internal monologue chapter with Cathy talking her different types of guests. It’s not a very powerful chapter because it tells instead of showing, but it says things I’ve wanted to say with Cathy since its first chapter.

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