An aborted story

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As already mentioned in the past, Pets is about to enter a new era in their story.

The notes I have for the next chapters of Pets are actually from another story I never successfully launched, for lack of interesting characters.

In that story, a couple starts to visit a BDSM dungeon on a weekly basis and start to make friends in the community after a few visits.

The couple had never played in public before and have a hard time integrating with the rest of the group.

Slowly however, they adapt and their techniques make them highly popular with the group, something which a few of the members do not appreciate.

The couple in question will be replaced by the “Pets” trio and both Ellie and Candy will discover that being naked for their master and being naked in a room full of strangers are two completely different experiences.

The rhythm of Pets might change drastically: the week-days will possibly fly by to concentrate the focus on the week-ends.

Considering that :

  • I am not that great depicting daily life
  • It will mean a higher ratio of sex and BDSM chapters

I don’t think many of my readers will complain…

From the logs, I can see that Pets is one of my most popular stories and Wednesdays with a new Pets chapter are amongst my best days, so I hope this new segment will continue to interest you.

If not, tell me and I will gladly try to recapture the feeling that Pets was!

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  1. Krey Says:

    Long time no comment for me. Glad to see you’re still going strong. Phil looks to be fascinating, and I have to say I’m interested in seeing where Pets is going. My big question though, is this: When do we get to see more of Lindsey?!?!
    She was a favorite of mine early on in discovering this site and seems to have been abandoned.

  2. The Author Says:

    My problem with Lindsey is that I have ZERO notes for it’s future other than for its ending, as a result, unlike many other characters, she has no evolution ahead of her, it’s a purely episodic character who already has reached all of her potential and can simply have more sexual encounters.

    However, because she is an embodiment of many of my favorite fantasies (nudity, sexual availability with all fantasies, bisexuality, high sex drive, etc…), many of my other characters have similar traits (Cathy, Harmony, Helen, even Sam after a fashion), so when I have an idea for a sexual encounter, I find myself inspired to move these stories forward stronger than with Lindsey.

    To make it worse, prostitution isn’t something which turns me on. Cathy, who gives herself freely, is even more appealing to me than Lindsey but when I first wrote Lindsey (in 2005 if I remember well), I didn’t have other stories like that. It was a first for me.

    I am not saying she will not returns at all, but the problem is that I have too many stories which excite me more with other characters than with Lindsey.

    I often sit down and think what I could have her do, but when I get ideas, I simply realize they would fit better with Cathy or with another one of the characters.

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