So, Susanna won the race to Ch. 30

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This week marked the publication of the 30th chapter of Susanna.

For a little while, I was sure that Pets or Suzy+Jill would be the first ones to reach chapter 30 when I was stuck with Simon, but Harmony and Lizzie delayed the other two front-runners enough for Susanna to get there first.

They will soon enough get there however, since both Pets and Suzy+Jill now each have 29 chapters and get a new one roughly every 2 weeks, alternating with Lizzie and Harmony.

I should also point out that Cindy, one of my most recent stories, also broke a major point with it’s 10th chapter, which is a very important one because it’s the first fully original chapter written in the last few years.

At this moment, I have 15 serials with published chapters.

Three have more than 20 chapters (Susanna, Pets and Suzy+Jill). Sam, Sylvana and Lindsey will most likely not have new chapters for a little while, but they each already have at least 11 chapters.

That leaves only 7 of the serials with less than 10 chapters. Let me make a list and tell you about their near future (as of March 24th 2011)

Cathy has 9 chapters. I do not have any inspirations at this moment for her, but my inspiration comes in groups of 3 or 4 chapters. I did 1 introduction chapter already, as well as 4 chapters with BDSM guests (including the cast from Pets) and 3 with swingers. I wanted to write a trilogy about naturists but got bored and it caused 1 very boring chapter (Week Types). Next time I have guests in mind to play with Cathy, I will add 3 or 4 new chapters and I just happen to have one of such ideas. In fact, by the time this blog is published, one might already be scheduled or partially written.

Cindy also has 9 chapters. I do have inspiration for a few more chapters but I am not yet sure I can sustain it as a primary story. I hope I can because the subject fascinates me. Except 2 or 3 more chapters while the story is still in alternate and then, it might get a promotion and run almost every Monday.

Helen only has 3 chapters and sadly, until I can figure out exactly how to describe well a logical lesbian orgy between multiple time copies of the same woman, it will remain at 3 chapters. You might think it’s easy to do, but there is a not that subtle Chekov’s gun that needs to occur during the orgy which will explain the rest of the story. However, Helen will only be a short story, perhaps 10 chapters. It was never planned to become a main serial over the course of 40 or 50 chapters.

Lucy might only have 5 chapters, it has been upgraded to a main story and should receive new chapters at least every 2 weeks. Like Helen however, it is not a long term story and it should be completed in 10 to 15 chapters, depending on my inspiration. It will most likely have spin offs, possibly in the same serial name and the same secondary characters, thought I have a plan to perhaps extend it to a lot more chapters without spinning-off.

Olivia now has 8 chapters and by chapter 10, will be a completely different story entering its phase II. That phase should be easier to write, but I am not sure yet if my extensive notes make any sense in the story. Still, I am no longer facing the blank page syndrome when it comes to her.

POV has 3 chapters but it’s a weird set of independent stories which simply show secondary characters from other serials in the front light. There is no plan for chapters, they just occur from time to time.

Phil has only 2 chapters but it’s a new main story from March 2011. Watch it unravel week by week…

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