Chastity belts?

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If you read all my stories, you’ll notice the presence of chastity belts suddenly occurring in 2 of my serials and it will eventually appear for Susanna in perhaps a year or two of weekly serialization.

When I began writing Susanna, my first erotic story which contained BDSM elements, I had no ideas what BDSM actually was. Sure, I had seen “Exit to Eden” and heard about it, but my knowledge was quite limited.

In one scene of Susanna, a male character gets punished by being put in a chastity belt. It was an original idea I thought I had since I didn’t realize that modern belts really existed. In my story, it was simply a big piece of metallic shorts locked on the character with no tube for preventing erections and no holes for urination or defection. As a result, it was really messy to just wear one for more than a few hours.

I left that chapter alone, but rewrote Susanna’s arrival to the auction house (which was originally done while she was entirely naked) to include a similar bulky chastity belt and bra.

That was the extend of my playing with the idea. I didn’t realize there was a whole fetish around such a device and that comfortable long term ones were available.

A few years later, my wife and I visited a fetish store and I saw a cock cage, basically a chastity device make of leather which joined cock rings used to prevent erections. There was a lockable leather strap behind it which tied behind the balls.

We didn’t buy anything, but the image stayed in my mind. I went online and discovered a whole community devoted to chastity belts. I had always seen such belts as punishment but I discovered that most of the wearer actually loved being deprived of sex. I read all of their reasons and a few days later, knew a lot more than ever imagines on chastity belts.

It’s not something that interested me a lot personally, but I had enough research done in that particular fetish that when I developed 2 of my new serials, I decided to add that particular interest in.

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