New writing strategy

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With Lizzie and Sam, I decided to change my strategy. I wrote 3 chapters of Lizzie in a row and 2 chapters of Sam instead of alternating between my stories.

I also almost wrote 2 chapters of Olivia in a row, helping stay concentrated on a story.

When I wrote the Garden of Eden trilogy for Lindsey, I wrote it with several weeks between each chapter, making me lose focus of why I was even writing each of them. By writing several chapters of the same story in a row, I managed to let the story flow more naturally between chapters.

Sadly, this will mean I will no longer alternate as often between my stories running on the same day, but perhaps my buffer will once again grow enough to allow me to alternate them.

In all cases, I do not yet feel my writing is improving that much in quality, but I rather like what I am doing with Olivia and Lizzie these days. I hope you will enjoy too !

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