Does "Helen" involve rape ?

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Helen in chapter 1 was clearly taken against her will and is being kept prisoner, and yet, the story will not involve non-consensual sex.

In fact, I plan not to have any of my stories involve rape unless it is either fantasy rape or if it used for dramatic effect. In other words, I do not plan to write a story in which an actual rape is described in a erotic manner.

Susanna will get involved in some non-consensual acts but she is a slave for 2 years and the property of her master. She was trained for that and expects it. Despite being forced to be a slave for 2 years, she voluntarily chose to be a class S slave and thus, explicitly decided to consent to almost everything sexual occurring to her.

Helen on the other hand, didn’t consent to anything yet but a one night stand with her captor. Before you jump to the conclusion that he will keep her as a sex slave against her will, please read a few more chapters.

I know this might disappoint some of my readers but I personally find no enjoyment in imagining a rape and so, I don’t write about it. I do enjoy rape play and imagining sluts who agree to everything which is where the Lindsey, Cathy, Susanna and Helen stories actually come from.

It doesn’t mean I only write about things that excite me. There are some rather twisted things in Susanna’s future which turn me off but which seemed necessary for the story.

But I don’t see how describing a rape in detail can be necessary for a story and this is why I will probably never watch the “Irreversible” movie with Monica Bellucci despite finding her very attractive.

Lucy on the other hand, is in a completely different category but that’s another story…

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