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My stories have erotic elements, not I do not consider all of them to be erotic stories.

The difference between the two is that in my stories, there isn’t erotica in every one of my chapters. For example, Sylvana only has 3 real chapters with erotic scenes in its 15 first chapters and one of those is only composed of masturbation.

Pets alternates between 3 narrators and as such, a single sex scene might be narrated across 2 to 4 chapters to show the various point of views. Still, from time to time, the characters aren’t having sex and that’s entirely normal.

Suzy and Jill has a roughly 50% ratio, with sex occurring in approximately half of the chapters. One chapter will speak about their day and another one will narrate their evening activities.

However, this week, the conjuncture made it that only Susanna will experience anything sexual this week:

  • Sam was simply shopping for clothes with her mother
  • The gang from Suzy and Jill were having un-sexy appointments about STD screenings
  • Ellie from Pets is shopping alone and isn’t even naked a single second of this week’s chapter
  • Sylvana and John are continuing their “therapy”, week 3 of 5. The three are naked but just talking

Only Susanna had more fun having a slave party with her friends, but it’s not an explicit chapter: she says what she did without doing into details.

Next week will be more interesting:

  • Lucy will make up and do degrading tasks. No sex, but it’s like BDSM, but without consent
  • Suzy and Jill get respectively penetrated and sodomized, without condoms, in front of their camera…
  • Lizzie flirts with a boy. It’s not sexual, but we’ll have sex in the next chapter
  • Cathy has a threesome, in a pool, with a girl who’s at the same time in a threesome. It’s like a fivesome…
  • And Susanna will have to strip naked in front of her parents, as she is finally leaving for the auction house

When I write stories, I decide what’s best to occur in each individual stories without talking a look as to when it will be published. Pets so far was written 2 years ago. Susanna was written 9 years ago. There was no way to plan how each will line up, nor do I plan to.

At worse, you can go back in time and read stories you haven’t read so far. With 77 chapters, I doubt many of my readers have already read all of them !

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