I reviewed all my projects this morning...

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I did a full review on the state of new chapters this morning because my other personal project is now completed.

I will still need to revise it and re-edit it, but I am on a break at this moment and will try to write new chapters for this site.

I already scheduled a new chapter for tomorrow which was 90% done when I finished writing, so I completed it and scheduled it. It’s a POV piece introducing an important character in the Olivia story.

After 2 months of writing PG material, I feel like my head is bursting with erotic story ideas and I hope to have the time and inspiration to write them for your enjoyment.

In particular, I plan to publish at least one new chapter for the following stories in the next 2 or 3 weeks:

  • Lucy (50% written)
  • Suzy + Jill (several new chapters planned)
  • Harmony
  • Lizzie (several new chapters planned)
  • Pets (several new chapters planned, one 50% written)
  • Olivia (one 50% written, several others planned)
  • Helen (The next one is obvious…)
  • Susanna (I need to bridge to the next pre-written section quickly)

I will try to follow the schedule, in that new chapters will be scheduled on the day they were planned, but I will just try to write these days without trying to fill all 5 days, so the schedule will have holes in it.

But it means I am writing again!

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