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Next Monday will mark the publication of the first Cindy chapter with fresh content written since this website went live.

There is still one written chapter, but once it will be online, it will mean that my only remaining unpublished material written prior to the registration of will be the last 3 sections of Susanna, the first of which will be published only after several new chapters of the current section will have been published.

When I began this blog, last July, I had several unpublished stories to  be started while I developed new ones :

  • Roughly 18 chapters of Pets, written in 2008 (mostly in one month)
  • One chapter of Lucy, written in November 2005
  • Four chapters of Lindsey, written in February 2006
  • Eight completes chapters of Sylvana written in October 2005 (and 2 incomplete ones, written in 2007 and 2009)
  • The outline for the first chapter of Helen, written in 2004
  • A very boring first chapter of Phil, written in 2003, with full story notes
  • An interesting first chapter of Peter, written in 2009 without any story development
  • 32,500 words of Susanna, written in 2001

Now, with the exception of a single Cindy chapter and the remaining Susanna material, all that I have left unpublished are Phil and Peter.

I have full story notes for Phil and now that Lucy and Sam are in the same Universe, I can reveal that Phil will be a member of the enclave. In fact, it’s story notes all concern the functioning of the enclave, a secret society with members who have paranormal abilities. It has very interesting elements in my humble opinion and I think it can make a very nice long term serial.

However, Phil’s first chapter is weak and uninteresting so it will need to be completely rewritten. Since I already have my hands full with my existing stories, I see Phil only appearing after Lucy, so take it’s spot as an alternate story with a decent shot at being a main story.

As for Peter, I really like the first chapter (it’s a prologue) but most of the elements of the story were re-used for Sam, making Peter a little redundant. Peter basically has the same power has Sam in regards to others, but without the change of sex and in a clearly conscious matter.

As a result, don’t expect to read this first chapter of Peter: most of what Peter says in his prologue are in fact hidden secrets in Sam’s universe !

But don’t worry, lack of existing material will mean that from now on, with the exceptions mentioned above, you’ll get fresh material up to my current writing abilities. I know I haven’t evolved much, but I hope you can see some evolution…

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