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With the relaunch of the site in 2014, I am attempting to once again build a buffer by attempting to write more stories each week than I am publishing.

Back in 2010-2011, I had plenty of historical writing  (such as plenty of chapters of Susanna written in 2001) to save me, but I am now running without a net.

The one advantage I have now over the past, is that I have plenty of mature stories or pre-planned stories and, more importantly, a fresh perspective!

I have new understanding of how to build stories because believe it or not, I didn’t stop writing during those 3 years or so of absence. I just stopped writing NSFW works and I am now tired of staying in the PG-13 type of writing.

So, to try to help me, I have reworked the schedule:

I now have 4 stories officially on hold, Cindy, Lindsey, Helen and Cathy, and a few of my previously primary stories (those I worked on primarily) are now alternates including Pets which moved to Wednesdays. Suzy&Jill is still a primary, but now resides on Wednesday (it used to run on Tuesdays).

Harmony is still a primary story but it is now the only Primary for Tuesday, with Phil as an alternate. We’ll see how that goes over time.

Sam replaced Olivia as the Thursday primary story (Olivia remains on Thursdays, but as an Alternate).

To help with the buffer, Blogs now run on Fridays, but the Blogs are now divided in two categories: Blogs, which talk about the schedule, the buffer or the author (me), while Background gives more details about the stories. past Background blogs have been re-categorized.

I am hoping to slowly build a buffer and hopefully, to make less typing errors. This might mean smaller chapters, in the 500-600 words range instead of the 800-1200 words, but I hope it will still be interesting…



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