Only 3000 words left for Susanna

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With yesterday’s chapter publication marks the last regular pre-written chapter of Susanna.

There are other chapters planned before those 3000 words are published, particularly about Simon’s redemption, and I will try to write them, but once the first of those final 3000 words will be online, it will be the beginning of the end for Susanna.

The first 360 words or so (they are pre-revision words to the count may change) highlight how Simon, Dorothy and Susanna finally settled, once Simon stops wearing the belt.

The next 1900 words show the conclusion of the story, with no sexuality.

After those 1900 words, Susanna has completed her 2 year slavery contract, leaving only 740 words or so for the epilogue.

It will feel weird. I began writing Susanna in 2001 and left huge holes in the story. With the exception of her time at the slave academy (which will be a new story beginning soon), all of the holes will soon be closed one way or another since I only have one left for the next few weeks.

In a way, I feel a little like a parent when their child is about to leave for college in another state.

Of all of my stories that still exist in one form or another, only 2 are actually older than Susanna. One was a short story and the other was an awful uncompleted novel. Neither will ever show up on this site.

This means that every story I ever wrote and which survived to this day was written after the bulk of Susanna was committed to paper (well, to the computer screen, to be more honest).

Closing the final chapter will mean that I will have moved on. That my first “novel” will have been published. That I will have a milestone against which to judge my writing.

In part, it scares me. When I decided to publish chapters 5 days per week, I reassured myself that I had over 30 more chapters of Susanna left giving me over 6 months of 4 day weeks and often 3 days thanks to other stories. Soon, I will be left running without a net, needing me to actually write 5 chapters per week if I plan to continue with the same schedule.

It’s only 1 more day per week, but it feels like a huge step for purely emotional reasons…

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