Second phase of Olivia

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As you may have noticed, Olivia has now entered a new phase.

This was the plan since I wrote chapter 1 of her series with many of the characters you will meet planned before Olivia even got her own series.

The Slaveteen universe was developed back in 2000-2001, with a lot of details added to the background which I couldn’t explore with Susanna, such as the secondary market and holding houses.

This bugged me and for years I promised myself that once Susanna would be completed, I would write a second story featuring these elements but soon, new stories took the lead (including Lindsey, Pets and more recently Suzy and Jill) which interested me more than starting yet another story in the Slaveteen universe.

The problem was that Susanna was my second novel. My first one isn’t a NSFW story (thought there is 1 minor partially sexual scene which is far from explicit) and just like Susanna, it had not been completed.

My first story didn’t have a proper ending so when I began Susanna, I made sure I had one. In fact, it was pretty written in the beginning with the rest of the chapters created just to bring Susanna there.

I felt proud of myself, except that I never, until now, successfully stitched together all of the chapters. So far, roughly 1/4 to 1/3 of the Susanna chapters are either new or rewritten from drafts kept despite their awful narrative.

But opening a new story in Susanna’s universe would have meant I was abandoning her unfinished.

Thanks to this blog, I filled those holes and decided to write a second story with a new character. It quickly dawned on me that I could use Olivia from the auction, that she was perfect as the unexperienced class S girl who gets resold for profit after a little training.

I am sorry for everyone who loved the character of Emily. She was faking it. Sorry… it was the plan all along.

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