So I guess I am back, sort of...

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In the 8 months between June 16th 2011 and February 15th 2012, I have only published 7 story chapters, many of which were the final chapters of Susanna were written back in 2001.

I am pretty sure most of you had given up on me and I can’t really blame you.

And then, suddenly, a new chapter appeared yesterday out of the blue.

I’d love to tell you that it was a brand new chapter, but in reality, 80% was written back in Jun 2012: it was the last chapter I was working on when I took my sick leave of June.

I had intended to get back to it later, but when it was time to write, I realized I couldn’t maintain a daily schedule anymore.

But I missed it. I missed writing stories. I missed my characters.

I am reading my plans for my characters and worry I might never develop them.

And so, I am back, sort of. I did write 570 words for the 4th chapter of Sue, and hope to finish it today. I will most likely focus on Sue for the next few days, if only because I reread the notes and want to focus on a single story for a while.

I will probably schedule chapter 4 of Sue to run next week, and if I write chapter 5 the next, hoping to be able to schedule more than 1 new chapter per week so that I eventually build a buffer in one story.

I have a plan for Sue until Chapter 11, so once they will have been written, I plan to pick another story and start to develop it, several chapters in a row.

This will help me remain “in character” and better build my stories.

I hope this time, I will be able to get back into a routine.

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