The five last chapters of Susanna are programmed

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Seeing as I am still blocked, I decided to program the last 5  chapters of Susanna, one per week, on Friday, as per the original schedule.

One of the reasons I was unable to write (apart from the lack of time), is that being so close to the ending of Susanna left me struggling to write the missing chapters between chapter 35 and what was scheduled as chapter 36.

I envisioned chapters of hot lesbian sex between Dorothy and Susanna with both torturing Simon, but all of my recent thoughts on that specific subject were meant for Lizzie, causing me to write scenes which didn’t fit with Dorothy’s personality.

Susanna lack of access to her genitals also blocked me as it restricted what they could do.

So, I decided to simply just forward and schedule the final 5 chapters of Susanna, closing the story once and for all, allowing me to think of other ones.

I know my readers like Cindy and Cathy, but my inspiration these days are with Harmony and Lizzie thanks to notes that were never used and even some partial chapters.


But don’t despair: Cathy is written whenever I have inspiration for her, so I never know when the next chapter arrives.

As for Cindy, the main reason I had stopped writing for her was because I had more interesting stories to build.

My recent inactivity might just inspire me to write a few more Cathy chapters once my notes for Harmony and Lizzie are exhausted.

I won’t go back to publish stories 5 days a week, but I hope to be able to write a few chapters per month.



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