So, it's been a year, what do I do now?

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I first put this site online on July 7th 2010, meaning that it’s been a year exactly today.

With me not posting any new story chapter since I became sick, it’s making me think of my future as a online writer of stories, some of which are erotic in nature.

I managed to publish a lot more chapters than I thought possible, with 241 during that span, only a small percentage of which was pre-written.

I took 3 of my serials past their 32nd chapter and managed to get 11 of them past their 10th chapter. If I add Lucy, which already has 9 chapters and a 10th partially written one, that’s 12 serials in good shape.

I did abandon a few, notably a few I cherished a lot like Lindsey which used to be one of my favorite stories back with the original 4 chapters and which is now so disappointing to me that I can’t even touch it.

But I had what I consider major success like the Harmony story which I completely fell in love with and the Lizzie story which is probably the story I have the most fun writing.

Even Olivia and Sam, two stories that I admit were created mostly to fill empty days thrilled me and have pages and pages of notes for future story lines.

Still, I lost the race. I don’t think I will ever be able to publish 5 new chapters per week like I used to. Many weeks, I only managed to succeed because of pre-written material, reducing my new chapters to write to 3 and sometimes even down to only 2 new chapters per week.

Other weeks, the quality was simply not there. There are plenty of chapters I am almost ashamed of having written because they were done too much in haste and hurry, not that the rest is that good anyway.

But the biggest disappointment is the lack of feedback. The lack of comments. I see Alexandra Erin of Tales of Mu, a very good story, much better than mine, receiving hundreds of comments every week while I have less than a few dozen comments posted by 2 or 3 fans over a full year.

I realize my mistakes: too many different stories making search engine optimization or even advertising impossible. A fan of Lizzie might not like Harmony and vice-versa.

If you add the low quality of my writing, especially when I am trying to maintain a schedule, causes little interest for my readers to write.

I do see hundreds of readers who subscribe via RSS and read some of my stories as they come online, but I feel as if my stories are just a stop in the middle of their morning routine, like comic strip readers.

They tune in to read that day’s story without bothering to go back in the archive.

I often see visitors reading dozens of stories in a row, spending a decent amount of time on each article, but I rarely see any visitors reading a story in order. This makes me depressed about my writing, as if it wasn’t interesting enough to read a story from the beginning.

I am not saying I will stop writing, but I will no longer publish an article every day. That ship most likely sailed.

I will probably focus on one or two stories I enjoy writing and write chapters as far as I can, scheduling them one per week on that story’s usual schedule. Once I am done, I will go to another without caring if I have an effective buffer or weeks without articles.

I began that site as an experiment. I now know more about myself as a writer, and I know more about publishing articles on the web. I never intended to make money of this because I know I don’t write here well enough to deserve it.

Now, if you are a silent reader who do likes my writing, I suggest you reply here or e-mail me at webmaster[at]nsfwauthor[dot]info with the serials you read. This will help me decide where to focus. If I don’t receive any suggestions, I’ll see what I’ll do.

4 Responses to “So, it’s been a year, what do I do now?”

  1. Krey Says:

    Gosh, I may be the only person actually reading your work… I hope I’m not either way, I totally miss your stories. Hope you put some more up, even if it’s only 1 or 2 a week.

  2. Dfrog Says:

    I’m with krey.. more pls! 🙂

  3. The Author Says:

    Krey and Dfrog, I am considering it, enjoying a well deserved vacation after a year of constant writing.

    If you had to pick on only 3 stories which were not already on hold, which ones would they be?

    I could try focusing on those.

  4. Dfrog Says:

    3?! only 3?! ha ha 🙂

    Susanna and cathy are favs, as well as cindy and pets.

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