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Now that I had plenty of time away from my stories, I want to update you on what I think about their future.

  • Lucy: This is a nice story I would like to return to from time to time. I had a plan for it, and it was never completed.
  • Sam: This story was getting confusing for me back in 2011 and I was having problems continuing it. I’d love to return to it, because I still have notes about its future.
  • Sue: was supposed to be a short story, 10-15 chapters, and I have extensive notes on the first 10 chapters. It’s also the most Vanilla of my stories, so I might get back to it
  • Cindy: This story was already pretty much just an alternate and I doubt more chapters will be written about it.
  • Lindsey: Lindsey was one of the stories I most wanted to complete when I started this site, and I was disappointed with it’s direction in the last few chapters.
  • Harmony: Harmony was one of my favorite non-completed stories. If I only resume writing for one of them, this will be the one!
  • Suzy&Jill: My girls! I really liked this one. Boy, Tuesdays with Harmony and Suzy&Jill were big! I was 32 chapters in, and they were in a mini-arc about filming a home-made porn. I’ll have to finish it one day or another
  • Lizzie: Lizzie was a little too ambitious for me and would have features conspiracy theories, more wild sex, so I doubt I’ll return to it. But then again… we’ll see.
  • Pets: This one was already in an epilogue, so I doubt I will revisit, but I did like them a lot.
  • Olivia: I’ll admit, Olivia was just an attempt to cash in on the popularity of my soon to be over Susanna story (which has 40 chapters!). I might write one or two chapters for fun, but I doubt it.
  • Cathy: This one was a fun filler. I would plan 2-3 episodes in a row and use them to fill the time. I think I did what I could do with her.
  • Phil: Phil was never fully started with only 4 chapters and not properly planned. Doubt I will write for it again.
  • Helen: Helen was an over-complicated time-travel story for which I was too ambitious. Sorry fans…

And that’s it!

Suanna and Sylvana were already completed, and the POV stories were just there to add flavor.


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    […] mentioned in one of the first blogs I wrote in 2014 that Harmony was the story I was most likely continue, and I did, I already wrote  3 new chapters […]

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