Taking a Buffer Buildup Vacation

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And so, my allergies are not giving me an easy time at all this year.

I am barely able to write, and I certainly am not able to sustain a buffer.

As a result, I am taking a Buffer Buildup Vacation: 2 weeks during which I will try to write any of the stories in my buffer so that I do not have to only focus on the next week.

I am not sure of what the results will be, especially if my allergies continue, but I will do what I can.

There are big things about to occur in my stories and a few important chapters after about to be written, some of which have been planned for years now!

I am sorry if I am disappointing you, but I prefer to take 2 weeks off to write better chapters than to rush writing with less quality.

I hope it will pay off…

Plus, 3 years ago, when I should have taken that vacation, I ended up missing days and that was the beginning of the end. By taking the vacation, I hope to be able to continue writing.

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