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As I look at my archives, I seem to find a critical moment in writing my stories and that’s pretty much always September/October.

I now realize that it’s no coincidence: my buffer provides a little padding and in fact, it’s August that is the really critical moment.

In June and July, I built and maintained a 6 weeks buffer.

In August, I wrote almost NOTHING and I am once again writing chapters in a panic to have them run.

I even wrote one chapter last week on the exact day of publication!

But I have now realized the problems: hay fever allergies.

During August, either my allergies act up and make me tired, unfocused, non-creative or it’s my allergy medication which makes me tired, unfocused and non-creative but, at least, I don’t have runny eyes and a stuffy nose.

Oh, and they let me breath better…

Now that I am slowly recovering (even if the hay fever season isn’t fully over yet), I can write again.

Quality isn’t on par, but I kind of like the 2 recent chapters I wrote (Sue and ┬áPat) and I am satisfied (but I don’t like) Lizzie’s Mixer chapter I had been teasing you for a while.

But then again, I doubt I could have loved it…

I still hope to build a buffer over the next few weeks, but for now, I am just struggling filling next week’s chapters… only once that’s done, I’ll be able to fully fill my buffer again.

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