Why are the chapters posted in blocks?

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If you have noticed, there are whole weeks during which the buffer of scheduled chapter simply reduces without any new chapters published.

Other weeks however, the buffer increases by 2 or 3 chapters per day!

The reason is simple: I am only human and writing this blog is obviously not my day job. In fact, it’s not a job at all since there are no adverts or donation buttons on the site at all.

Some weeks, my workload is low and I am able to write between 10 and 15 chapters but sometimes I am either busy or not feeling well enough to even write a single chapter.

In the last 2 weeks (Roughly from April 10 to Easter), I have been suffering from seasonal allergies which disrupted my sleep pattern causing me to lack the clarity of thought to both perform my job and write stories, so I had to choose and I decided to feed my family…

I am slowly feeling better and I hope that by the time you are reading this, I managed to publish the 4 chapters that were missing until May 7th, and hopefully, a few more.

The good news is that generally, my seasonal allergies do not last long, but it’s not the only reason that sometimes block me.

Sometimes, the inspiration simply doesn’t come. If I was a full time writer, I would take the time to get inspiration and get the right mood to write. I did it in the past, notably when I was writing Susannah, back in 2001.

Every single day for months, at least a few new lines were added to it until something simply stopped me (I don’t even recall what it was).

There were days which were harder to write, but I got through it and managed to follow my goals.

That was then. I had hours each day available to write, but today, I rarely get more than 60 to 90 minutes so it’s not enough to get in the right mood and write a chapter.

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