Losing the buffer race

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I try readers as much as I can these days, but I am apparently unable to build a buffer.

I do continue to write and I do have inspiration, work is simply spilling over my writing time. I didn’t miss any days yet and didn’t even need to write a story on the day of it’s publication, but the buffer never seems to grow.

With Susanna’s next week chapter being the last until the finale, I will now have to write 5 chapters per week instead of 4.

The good news is that Harmony is on a roll. I am approaching the pre-written chapter I mentioned in the past (when she finally gets her own share), but sadly, this might mean little sex for her. I’ll try to do a threesome after her day in the orchard, but that will be in at least 2 chapters.

Sam, Lucy and Olivia are also back on track, as well as Lizzie, so in theory, next week should write itself rather well.

So, if I can only find the time to write, I should build up the buffer and slowly get back to perhaps a 2 weeks advance.

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