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Helen is based on a story idea I had in 2004 and which was never really developed until recently, after starting this website.

I couldn’t really mention much about the story without spoiling the first chapter, but I can tell you that Helen wakes up naked in a concrete cell unaware of how she got there.

The first chapter was published on Tuesday August 17th, but because Helen is the alternate of Suzy and Jill, my favorite main story, it might not get a much attention as my other alternates.

Here are the first four paragraphs to help you wait :

I woke up completely disoriented. I was naked on a small mattress laid directly on the concrete floor of what looked like a cell, complete with iron bars.

There was a pitcher of water with ice cubes still floating in it. Next to it was an empty glass and a bucket I dreadfully figured would be used as a toilet during my captivity.

Light was coming only through the corridor but it seemed to come solely from the sun, with no signs of artificial sources of light.

This meant that once the sun would set, I would be left in total darkness and possibly in the cold as there was no signs of a heating source either, just bare concrete.


Now that the first chapter is online, I can give a little more details.

Helen was kidnapped by a man with a time travel machine. He built a city on a lifeless planet in the future and he brings women from different time periods in a harem.

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  1. ktrip Says:

    I really like that you gave an extract and I can’t wait to read it.

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