Lucy Story Introduction

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Lucy, Chapter 1 was written back in November 2005, if I remember properly.

I was actually rather frustrated at an injustice I had been the victim of and passed my frustration by writing the first 2/3 of this story.

The last third was written out of frustration of being able to actually write a proper final “Adam and Eve” chapter in the Lindsey’s story, which prompted me to delete from the site the awful first draft of “Forbidden Fruit” and replace it with the first chapter of Lucy.

The initial story was written a few days or weeks after I saw the movie Saw III, from which part of the Lucy story is inspired.

At first, I didn’t plan to publish the first chapter until I would have an idea of where it was actually going, but now that I do have some ideas, I figured that it could serve as an adequate story in place of the Forbidden Fruit story.

I successfully wrote and published a second chapter but the third chapter isn’t planned for another few weeks at least.

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