Pets Story Introduction

Pets is my third novel which was mostly written in August 2008. It involves three college students, Richard, Ellie and Candy, who explores a BDSM relationship.

27 chapters were planned for the original story, but 4 weren’t written yet(Chapters 6, 19 26 and 27) and one was incomplete(Chapters 18). With retrospect, at least one needed to be completely rewritten (Chapter 17, now online with new content).

Since the first missing chapter is chapter #6 and it didn’t prove to be essential to the story so it was skipped for publication and all further chapters were moved forward by one. If you feel there is something missing between chapter 6 and 7, that’s the reason…

In the past few weeks, I have rewritten chapter 17 which didn’t fit with the overall story and prevented me from completing Chapters 18 and 19.

One of the interesting ideas for Pets is that while it is usually narrated in the first person, all three of the major characters take turn for the narration with different narrating styles. Candy for example, has very short chapters as she isn’t very introspective. Sadly, this gives a great irregularity between the chapter lengths with some (like Chapter 2) being less than 400 words and others (like Chapter 6) being over 3200 words long.

As you can imagine from my other stories, there is both heterosexual and lesbian sex between the two girls, spanking, nudity and threesomes. This time around, there are full BDSM relationships with Pony play and Pet Play.

The first 30 chapters or so will form a serialized series in which chapters are all closely integrated but it will then turn into an episodic series with less focus on character evolution (which will have been done in the first 30 chapters already).

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    […] course, the main subject of each story is created to facilitate sexual adventures, like Pets, who tells the story of 3 college students who experiment with BDSM, CMNF (Clothed-Male Naked […]

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