Suzy and Jill Story Introduction

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My newest story involves a 35 year old man had everything but which abruptly loses his wife Suzy, custody of his kids, his mansion, his employees and his friends.

Left all alone, he needs to fight back to reclaim a new place in life with only a weird new younger employee Jill. Will Jill help him return to financial stability ? Will he manage to find love again ? If he does, will it be with Jill, the awkward new employee or will he somehow conquer his wife and get back his the house he managed to build for his family ?

Our nameless hero will discover new meanings in life partially thanks to a journey into sexual exploration.

The currently published chapters contains most of the major story arc, leaving place for delightful erotic sequels involving many exciting opportunities.

I won’t spoil the themes, but if you are a man, you should find something to your liking. Expect many tags added to the cloud linking back to this serial.

If you really want a spoiler, all I can say is that he doesn’t end up choosing between Suzy and Jill. There is a reason the story is called “Suzy and Jill”. It’s not called “Suzy or Jill”.

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