Sylvana Story Introduction

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Sylvana is one of the many stories I wrote after a dream. I dreamt of a boat in the penthouse of an office building and I filled in the blanks with my own original ideas.

Sylvana was never meant as a long story. It was meant to be only to last 11 chapters.

I wrote the first 8 chapters of Sylvana in October 2005, with and additional chapter in 2007 and another in 2009. Sadly, those 9th and 10th chapter weren’t of the same quality as the original ones and needed to be rewritten prior to publication. The final chapter was never planned or written.

Now that I was ready to start tackling the final chapter, I was instead able to plan a further 5 chapters to be published on a weekly basis until the conclusion, around chapter 16 (unless I have more ideas in the mean time).

But eventually, it will come to an end and Cathy will most likely be published every Thursday instead.

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