All of August is already programmed...

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We are still in July, but all of the month of August is already programmed with 1 new story already scheduled for publication.

This means that not only have I been very productive in the past few weeks, but it also means that I am able to maintain a constant schedule of writing.

During the month of August, I will keep writing stories which will be published in September, but I will also be able to focus on developing new story lines and create more narrative.

When I first decided to serialize my stories on a daily basis, I was only confident because I had over 5 chapters of Pets already written, over 3 months of Susanna chapters and because I have clear ideas on where Suzy And Jill was going.

I thus only needed to finish Sylvana, my biggest blockage and write simple stories for Lindsey to complete my weeks.

Since then, I had the idea to introduce alternates, 4 new stories which will be published alternatively with my main stories. The first chapter of Cathy was published yesterday and the first chapter of Sam will be published next Monday.

During the Month of August, you will get to read the first chapter of Lizzie as well as the first chapter of Helen. Also in the queue are 2 additional chapters of Sam and another chapter of Cathy.

For the rest, you will get next chapters of each of my main stories and in some cases, the characters will be in a completely different position at the beginning of September than they are right now.

Stay tuned and comment please !

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