All my alternate stories are planned

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At this moment, I have 5 primary stories :

  • Lindsey
  • Suzy and Jill
  • Pets
  • Sylvana
  • Susanna

As you may have noticed, two of the days already have an alternate listed and a first chapter soon to the published :

  • Monday: Sam (formerly called DanKun)
  • Thursday: Cathy

An alternate is a story that runs on the same days as another main story, alternating with it. The reason is that I cannot write more than 5 chapters per week but that sometimes, I need more than a week to plan a chapter, especially in the case of multiple chapter stories. The alternate thus serve as a temporary replacement.

It was already announced that eventually, Slave Academy will be one of the future stories to replace possibly Sylvana as a main story, with Cathy kept as it’s alternate.

It was also announced that Pets‘ alternate (called Helen for now) for the Wednesdays was already planned (update, Helen is now Suzy and Jill‘s Alternate)

I can now announce my last two alternates are now in the planning phase, called “Lizzie” and “Phil“, respectively.

The new schedule will thus be in the future:

  • Lindsey or Sam
  • Suzy and Jill or Helen
  • Pets or Lizzie
  • Sylvana, followed by Slave Academy or Cathy
  • Susanna or Phil

Of course, this is just a screenshot. Many other potential stories have been set aside to let these 11 stories see the light including “Lucy” and “Peter” which each ¬†already have a first chapter written.

Until the schedule at the top of the page is updated, none of these stories are official.

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