Almost 3 years of cliff-hanging...

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This Wednesday, I published Chapter 33 of Suzy and Jill, which is the second part of Chapter 32, published on June 14th, 2011, a good 10 months before I last initial run published chapter (Sue Chapter 6, on March 8th 2012).

Of course, after June 14th 2011, I had only published 13 chapters, including Susanna chapters 36-40 which had been originally written in 2001, so by then, I was already slowing down.

But one of the things that made me stop, was that Chapter 32 had finished in a dead-end for me.

You have to understand something: I have 15 different serials on my site (2 of which are now completed), but the real reason I began this site in the first place was to publish new chapters of Suzy and Jill!

Back then, that was my only goal, to write Suzy and Jill and publish it, but I then also decided to collect all my other NSFW stories, primarily Sylvana, Pets and Susanna, and to begin to publish them as well, with no intentions of writing new chapters.

While looking for Susanna, I found Lindsey, which I had completely forgotten about, and publish the 4 previously written chapters, right before publishing the first 16 chapters of Pets.

I didn’t have for a goal to publish daily stories when I first opened the site. I wanted readers on the site to encourage me to write Suzy and Jill and that was pretty much it.

soon, I decided to write a new Lindsey Chapter, Chapter 5, which was my first non-Suzy and Jill chapter written specifically for the site (but based on notes from the past, if I remember well).

Chapter 17 of  Pets was written next, and I managed to finally write chapter 9 of Sylvana, began years before.

The first chapter published of a new serial make just for the site was Cathy, followed by Sam. I don’t think it’s a surprise that both of my first original stories were left with less than 12 chapters when the site first closed: my planning was far from adequate and I had begun publishing chapters well before I was really ready to do so.

Lizzie, on the other hand, had been planned for almost a month before it’s first chapter ran and I managed to publish 24 chapters, making it my 4th longest serials and the serial with the most original chapters written just for this site (Susanna had at least 50% of it’s 40 chapters written in 2001, Pets only had 17 of it’s 33 chapters written for the site itself, and Suzy and Jill had 19 of it’s 32 chapters written after the site was launched).

Still, being stuck on Suzy and Jill hit me very hard as this site was created specifically for them!

To be honest, a few times, while my domain name belonged to a squatter, I considered continuing stories on a new domain name, but always, the chapter 32 cliffhanger was haunting me.

Fortunately, after 3 years, I managed to write a conclusion to chapter 32, and I hope you find it appropriate.


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