The Black Lotus Dungeon

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The Black Lotus Dungeon, which was first mentioned in Pets Chapter 31 was planned for another story, as mentioned in a blog from February 12, 2011.

We first see the club, on a mostly empty Wednesday, starting with Chapter 32 and 33 but chapter 34 wasn’t written until 2014.

It might take a few chapters to end the Wednesday evening, and a few more for the Pets trio to return to it, but the couple from my new 2014 serial will attend the same Wednesday in the mean time, most likely after the trio is gone, but I am not sure yet. I feel like it is too early for an actual cross over…

The club is owned by Robert, a man who is more of a swinger than a BDSM adept who, to let his club survive in the face of police repression, gave a home for BDSM players.

The club has a lot of cross-dressers on the usualy clients, notably Diane and Jennifer, but even if you add Pat to the mix (Pat is not a cross-dresser and instead, is a true transgender), you will see that all of the “girls” have different motivations.

Jennifer is a sissie: a man turned on by the humiliation of dressing as a girl and who has a service fetish: he wants to be a maid, in a way.

Diane on the other hand, is in denial of his desire to fully become a woman at the moment of the story, and uses the cover of a BDSM activity to pretend to be a sissie. Oddly, Diane talks of BDSM, but never actually does any BDSM activities. In the far future, Diane will get an operation and become a woman.

Pat on the other hand, considers herself to already be a woman.

Other people will be present on Saturdays, but to be honest, their characters aren’t all fleshed out yet. We’ll slowly discover them in Pets and in Pat.

One day, we might see the swinger’s evenings of the Black Lotus dungeon for another story. But, that is indeed another story…

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