The Slaveteen Universe

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The Slaveteen universe was my first fictional NSFW universe. I created it while writing the Susanna story.

It is a world not very different from our own, but in which a major country has decided to force all teenagers to be sold into slavery for 2 years on their 19th birthday as a life building experience.

As a support for that universe, college only starts when you are 21 years old and slave auctions houses as well as slave academies exist.

There are 4 possible classes of slavery which the teenager himself or herself can choose from, with different rules, regulations and costs.

There is a Domestic class which consists of nannies and housecleaners, a Labor class for people working in fields, factories or other manual labor and a Military class of bodyguards and security guards.

But there is a Class S, or Sexual where girls (and some boys) are sold into sexual slavery for 2 years.

This universe is home to two of my stories, Susanna and Olivia

This is also the universe where Prevar  exists, a perfect contraceptive which also prevents periods and STDs for a period of 2 years.

In a world where 18 year old girls are sold to slavery, I felt that this was important.

A note, both Susanna and Olivia take (or were planned to take in the case of Olivia) dark turns because of my firm belief that BDSM should be consensual and not imposed, like in the case of these two girls.

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