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This blog is a spoiler for the serial Lizzie if you haven’t read all of the chapters. Be warned…

This week, in Lizzie Chapter 21, we discovered that Lizzie is Suzy’s daughter, from the serial “Suzy and Jill“.

It wasn’t a late decision. Before Lizzie made her first appearance in her own serial, the decision had been made. this means that before Chapter 21 of Suzy and Jill was written, the first one in which Lizzie really speaks in Suzy and Jill, it was already clear in my mind who she was.

When I created Lizzie, the serial, the influence of her parent’s sexual relationship were taken into consideration as well as thoughts noted as to how she discovered about it. That’s how Chapter 21 of Suzy and Jill came into existence and it was only fitting that in Lizzie, the reveal was also in Chapter 21.

I try not to create too many Mary Sues: perfect characters without flaws. Lizzie is sadly one of them. I didn’t have a choice since she’ll need to be almost flawless to go through my plans with the sacred society. It’s out of necessity that I had to create such a character.

In my other stories, I try to put flaws in my characters, I hope you’ve noticed. Lizzie’s Father is insecure about his life. Olivia is a little naive. Sue, you’ll see, doesn’t communicate enough. Sylvana was seriously damaged. Candy isn’t particularly bright and Ellie had emotional baggage, but Richard isn’t perfect either.

I try to make interesting characters. I don’t know how well I succeed. Like I admitted, this blog is as much for training purposes as to share my stories.

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