Floor plan in the Susanna Story

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I recently found an old visio drawing of the floor plan for the apartment suites in Susanna, and with my current week, I thought it would be a perfect occasion to share it with you.

So, today, instead of a story, you are getting the author’s notes about a story.
Simon's apartement
Click on the image for full size.

Both Simon and his father’s apartment are identical, and place one on top of the other. The entrance from the corridor is at the bottom of room 1, but in both apartments the 3 doors at the top of the same room are locked at all time. Even Simon doesn’t know what’s on the other side. Simon doesn’t use his rooms the same way as his father does, but it’s roughly the same.

Room 1 is the living room, which Susanna calls “the lobby”. Two sofas are shown to highlight that fact, but of course, there are other furniture in the room.

Room #2 is the locked office of Simon’s father. Susanna doesn’t have access to it except for one occasion when she makes a phone call, in chapter 18.

Room #3 is a toilet. Unexplained in the story is that this is the “guest” toilet.

Room #4 is a very small dining room with a food elevator (the little square on the upper left.

Room #5 is a toilet room with a shower and Felicia’s makeup. It was Felicia’s bathroom.

Room #6 and 7 are small unlocked closets for towels and plates, etc…

Room #8 and 9 are storage areas locked at all times in Simon’s father apartment.

Room #10 is the spa room, with the lockable bath (the circle) in the right annex.

Room #11 has a sauna in the lower right area. I don’t believe the sauna is more than simply mentioned in the story.

Room #12 is Susanna’s bedroom when she is with Simon’s father, with the rectangle representing her bed. It is also where she pretends to be sleeping when Dorothy comes back from her slave internship. It’s finally where Dorothy and Susanna sleep while Simon is being punished in the main bedroom.

Room #13 is where the entertainment center was in the father’s apartment.

Finally, you may have guessed it, room 14 is the main bedroom.

If you notice, there is no fixed closets other than #6 and 7. This is why both Simon and his father have furniture to serve has closet space. It’s not so much a necessity of the story, but rather because I drew the map and simply forgot to account for closets…

The balcony, on the far-left, isn’t pictured, but it’s there.

One of the changes I did this morning while working on the plan, in addition to adding numbers to the rooms, was to switch many of the doors from an outside of the room opening to normal push the door to enter configuration, leaving only the 4 closets/storage areas with “pull doors”.

I don’t know why I had the door opening the wrong way, but as far as I know, this isn’t a plot point or a conscious decision. I may have simply placed the doors as placeholders and didn’t really think about it.

Don’t blame my memory… the timestamp on the visio document is from 2001!!!

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