What is the Enclave ?

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The Enclave is an alliance of telepaths that I first imagined for the story “Phil” back in 2004 or 2005.

The structure of the Enclave as well as the arc for the Phil story was pretty well established and I even wrote the first chapter which was a complete disaster.

One of the main problem with Phil is that the story requires way too much exposition to be feasible. I could simply show as I go along, but a lot of the story background needs to be explained and it’s just boring to write when Phil was simply supposed to be a fun story.

So, I forgot about it. It’s still listed in my future projects but I never had a clear idea of how to develop it.

But then, I realized I could group a lot of my stories into a single universe, the Lamburger universe. This begged the question of, what do I do with Lucy ?

When I was stuck with Lucy, I was lost because I couldn’t figure out where to lead the story. Why would someone kidnap a woman and make her go through this?

Eventually, Sam came along and it was clear that Sam had some sort of mental power.

Around Christmas, I suddenly realized: What if Lucy and Phil were in the same universe and what if the Enclave was involved? That’s how Interlude part I arrived in Lucy’s serial and that’s how I will eventually be able to develop Phil.

So, just what is the Enclave?

In that universe, certain people have “magical” powers, in particular, telepathic abilities. Since not all telepath are equal in all aspects of their work, some decided to form an alliance, called the Enclave, which allowed them to share training and resources.

In Phil, we will get to know more about the inner working of the Enclave and how telepaths work. In Lucy, we will see only a corporation which hired members of the Enclave to use their unique abilities, notably Karen a very gifted telepath when it comes to manipulating the soul itself.

Not all telepaths choose to join the Enclave. When unaligned telepaths are located by seekers of the Enclave, they are offered to join out of their free will. If they accept, they are trained and can become (if powerful enough) full members of the Enclave or at least, employees.

If they refuse, powerful telepaths force their way into their minds and they either are brainwashed into joining the Enclave (if interesting enough) or used as slaves (if not) for the purposes of the organization.

Telepathy, in my universe, works in different ways. There are various “arts” which each telepath can be “graded on”. Most telepaths have one or two arts they are powerful with but are weak in the other arts making the enclave required to pool all of the talents in a single organization.

For example, the art of mind reading allows to read the “dormant” mind of a person. It is very different than the art of thought listening, which can only listen to the active thought process of the target. A telepath strong in mind reading will be able to scan the memories of his target but will have no ideas what the target is currently thinking. A thought listener would be required for that.

There is also the art of mind obfuscating and tough blocking. Each of them allows the person to protect themselves against respectively, mind reading and thought listening.

All non-telepath humans (nicknamed sheeps by the Enclave) are rated by the Enclave at least level 1 in all defensive arts. Some non-telepaths have a natural protection and might have a rating of 4 or 5. In general, all telepaths have higher defensive skills than normal humans but the Enclave teaches techniques to help defend yourself and notable, identify an assault.

  • To go through a barrier with the consent of the target, you need to be at least 1 level above the defense of the target.
  • To go through a barrier without the consent of the target, you generally need to be at least 3 to 7 levels above the natural defenses of the target, depending on their training.
  • But if you don’t even want the target to know you were in their mind, you need to be at least 10 levels above the defense of the target if the target knows what an assault is.

So, the best most humans with a defense of level 1 can do is learn about telepathing attacks so that they are aware of any attacks rated level 10 or less. However, any telepath rated 11 or more can bypass your defenses without you even knowing it.

So that’s how they rate telepaths. In the initiation process, a new telepath is asked to listen to the thoughts of someone rated 1 willing to accept the listening. If they can, they are rate 2 or more. They then try without the consent and eventually move on with more resistant people.

There are over 20 types of arts that I could imagine back then and there are no real limits to the list of skills.

Philip from the story Lucy for example, needs telepaths uniquely trained to deal with the connection between the soul and the body. This is a skill which will most likely not even be mentioned in Phil because it is highly specialized. He works a lot with Karen because, well, not only is she really good at her job, but Philip finds her absolutely adorable and completely attractive. If only she wasn’t working for his competition…

Now, one of the things that might interest my readers, is that in the Enclave, they discovered that men are generally better at mind control than women, while women are generally better on the emotional and soul level.

As a result, because mind-control allows you to manipulate you way on the stairs of the Enclave, most of its leaders are men, and they like to abuse their authority.

In the inner chambers of the Enclave, expect to find naked sexy young woman serving a mindless sexual slaves to serve the leaders of the Enclave…

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