I now only have 3 Universes

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My main Universe, which mainly occurs in Baltimore, MD contains the following stories which can crossover with each other:

  • Pets: occurs in Baltimore
  • Suzy And Jill: occurs in Baltimore
  • Cathy: in Jamaica, but in the same universe as Pets
  • Sylvana: occurs in Baltimore, even if not mentioned in story
  • Lizzie: occurs in the same continuity as the rest of the Baltimore stories
  • Lindsey: starts in New York, but in the same continuity as the rest of the Baltimore stories

Why Baltimore ? Simply because in Pets, Ellie had to drive to New York for some BDSM shopping and I needed a small state for her uncle to be Governor for more than a decade in row, which wouldn’t make sense for a state like New York, New Jersey or Virginia. Looking at Google Maps, I picked Baltimore almost at random.

The Baltimore universe is identical to our own with the exception of my characters, with no supernatural occurrence. I just decided to name that Universe after the richest fictional man of my continuity: Mr Lamburger, father of Ellie Lamburger and brother of the fictional long-term Governor Lamburger of Maryland.

Over the seasonal holidays, I decided to move Harmony, originally planned as a stand-alone story, into the Lamburger Universe’s future as well as Cindy, thus allowing the characters in Pets to possibly eventually meet our depersonalized full-time pony girl.

Susanna, Olivia and the future Slave Academy all take place in the same Universe which is very different from my Baltimore world. I just decided to name this Universe “Slaveteen”, as in: everyone becomes a slave when they are nineteen years old. I admit it, I suck at naming Universes…

However, with time, I wrote new independent stories which fit within their own Universe: Sam, Helen, Lucy and many of the future unwritten stories.

Since they all seem in their own Universes, crossovers are impossible. You see, more than being simple fan service, Crossovers allow a common narrative, a common background.

For example, events established in Pets do not need to be re-established in Suzy and Jill because they both take place in the same world at the same time. If an election overthrows Ellie’s uncle as Governor, it might affect Sylvana’s business or Suzy’s kids such as with changes in their education.

Instead of having to invent 15 different background worlds, I can create a single more complete and interesting world which spans several stories.

So, what do I do with Helen ? What do I do with Sam ? Both have a special background but does that mean that they are completely sealed in their own little bubble ?

In the future of Helen, planet Earth is destroyed in a war. Does that also occur in Harmony ? Visibly not, so they cannot co-exist. Where does that war come from ? It’s not that relevant to the story “Helen”, but my future story “Phil” might include elements which might lead to a war in the future. Is it the same one ?

As a result, I decided to include all my other stories which do not fit in the Lamburger universe nor into the Slaveteen universe into a third universe where magic and time-travel exists. For now, that universe will be called “DanKun” which was the original name of the “Sam” story.

There are no crossovers planned in the DanKun Universe and the series will remain with very distinct storylines.

But you can count on the Loop of “Helen” to exist in Sam and in Lucy even if it will never be mentioned.

I am guessing that for now, it won’t matter, but when Phil is finally written or when Sam progressed to its third stage, it will all make more sense.

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