New direction for Lucy

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As mentioned in the past, Lucy was written out of anger after something that occurred to me at work. I wrote one chapter in one afternoon and left it pretty much as it is for years.

Recently, I reworked the chapter and even wrote a second one, but without a clear direction as to where I was going.

All I knew was that:

  • Lucy would be abused and would suffer a lot against her will
  • That the trials Lucy are facing are designed to make her submissive by breaking her will
  • Lucy would end up 100% submissive, with no will left in her to resist anything

I also had clear ideas on how the “testing area” was laid up, with various modules which could be reused over and over again. I also figured that there was multiple girls in the queue and that she was only one of the various victims.

But I had no idea what she did to deserve this or even if she deserved it. I had no idea what would happen in her near future or even why they were doing this for her.

Until December 21th.

I finished the outline of one of my future stories and wondered how to initially introduce the story. It’s another girl who is taken against her will. I began thinking how the first chapter would start when suddenly, I realized: why not simply merge the two stories ?

Now that it’s done, I will have a clear understanding of where to take Lucy’s initial chapters but not yet which trials she will face. But at least, I know where to take the story and this might help me write new chapters.

Personally, I always prefer continuing a story already started rather than starting a new one and abandoning an old story.

Pets will get it’s renewal soon and I think that the man from Suzy and Jill waited long enough after his vasectomy, Olivia was always planned to change tone after a few chapters and now Lucy should be brought back to life.

If I could only write just as easily for Lindsey again…

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