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It might feel weird to see that Michael is the half-brother of Cathy and the ex-boyfriend of Lindsey as well as the web designer in Suzy and Jill.

But it’s not really by accident. If you re-read (or read, if you never did in the past), the first chapter of Cathy, you’ll notice I added background information about Cathy’s father and his first wife and even mentioned they had two kids together.

In Cathy chapter 1 we have :

His wife and mother of his two kids left him cold and went back to the USA, her home country.

Back then, to me, it was 100% clear that one of the two kids was Michael, tying back Cathy with Lindsey and Suzy and Jill.

Furthermore, since we have a connection between Pets and Cathy, that confirms that Pets and both Lindsey and Suzy and Jill are in the same Universe.

Of course, those connections weren’t planned from the beginning: Pets was mostly written in 2008 while Suzy and Jill was begun in 2010, without any ideas to tie them together.

But by the time Cathy Chapter 1 was written, the series of connections were already planned and set in motion, with careful mentions (Chekov’s Gun) in some of the chapters to enable connections without a problem.

So, the character of Michael Kelly, originally created in 2005, became a Nexus by tying together 3 different serials. His mother was always intended to die, leaving him some money he will use to let his character evolve and move forward in his own character arc. It was never clear how his mother made money until the serial Cathy was created and made her a partial owner of the resort.

But Michael Kelly is only a supporting character meant to serve only as a supporting character so I couldn’t see how to explore his arc while he was away from Lindsey.

At first, I thought of making a special Lindsey chapter focusing on him, but I never liked that idea: a Lindsey chapter without Lindsey. Of course, without a site, I wouldn’t have a choice but to make an intermission within Lindsey, but with the site, I could simply create a new category for Michael to evolve for a few chapters while he is alone.

But he won’t be alone forever… he will get his Lindsey back eventually. That’s a huge spoiler, but honestly, if you didn’t see it coming by now, perhaps you needed that spoiler.

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