Change of tone in Susanna

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I am sorry if Chapter 22 of Susanna, published yesterday, upset you in any way. It is my darkest chapter published so far and contrasts with the other chapters published on the site.

This is the old Chapter 8 of the story. Each chapter of the original Susanna corresponded with a major story element and was broken down into multiple “sub-chapters” for the site.

  • Ch. 1 “My 17th Birthday” contained Ch. 1 and 2 on the site.
  • Ch. 2 “Finding a boy” was unwritten until 2010 and corresponds to Ch. 3 to 5
  • Ch. 3 “The Academy” was also unwritten and will become the serial Slave Academy once Susanna is completed
  • Ch. 4 “Awaiting Slavery” contained ch. 6 to 9
  • Ch. 5 “The Auction” contained ch. 10 to 12
  • Ch. 6 “My transition as a slave” contained ch. 13 to 15
  • Ch. 7 “My new master”, contained ch. 16 to 21

So, with chapter 22, I have published almost all of chapter 8 during Susanna is being tortured by the mistress. This is a turning point because Chapter 8 is mostly unwritten for the simple reason that it never interested me to write it.

It’s necessary for the story, but I don’t want to write it. If I was a great writer, I would just have sat done once in the last 9 years and completed it but the truth is that I am not that much of a great writer.

Do I really want to write chapters and chapters of Susanna being tortured to death ? Not really. If you want to read it, I am sorry, it’s not my style.

So, I’ll just publish for chapter 23 the first part of chapter 9 as it stands in the 2001 version (but rewritten as it’s one of the most poorly written sections of the book), in which Susanna is rescued from the mistress.

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