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This week will mark the arrival of a new tag: crossovers.

As you can expect, this tag will mark all stories which feature an obvious explained crossover between two of my stories, but it will not be present when the crossover is still a mystery.

Let me give you a clear example. Let’s say that John, the male protagonist in “Sylvana” is secretly Richard, from Pets, in the future. Don’t worry, it’s not the case.

The tag crossovers will not appear on any of the chapters of Pets because they occur in the past. It will not either appear in any of the previous chapters of Sylvana because it is not obvious. It will only appear on the chapter(s) where John’s identity is revealed.

In other words, until you see the crossover tag, the crossover isn’t officially canon yet, but once it appears, it means that all secrets are lifted.

Future chapters will not have the tag unless the chapters once again mention the connection.

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