What is Prevar exactly ?

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When I first started writing Susanna, back in 2001, I had the idea to write about a girl becoming a sex slave for 2 years. I didn’t know exactly what I would write about because it was my first attempt at an erotic novel.

The one thing I didn’t want to bother with was condoms. The idea was that during those 2 years, the sexual slaves are supposed to have sex with everyone their master decides but even if the girl took contraceptives it wouldn’t protect her from STDs.

Then, I learned about Dep0-Provera which gave the idea: “What if they made a drug which also protected from STDs ?” ¬†With a single mention, I no longer had to even think about it. Susanna got the shot for 2 years and she was free to do whatever she wanted or rather, whatever her master wanted.

It’s only later that I realized: if Prevar exists, there won’t be a need for condoms which is why the idea of pills that both man and woman take appears in the episode “The Cherry“, actually written only in July 2010 despite having notes about it since the spring of 2001.

I’ve been tempted to use Prevar in other stories. Lindsey was my prime candidate, but I wanted to keep Lindsey in the real world despite the weird setting for reasons of where the story is eventually going. Instead, you’ll get to hear about condoms every time Lindsey has sex.

You see, I care a lot about contraception, if you haven’t noticed already. I think that it’s really important to protect yourself against STDs and I cannot avoid that concern when I am writing.

The only stories where you won’t get to head about condoms other than Susanna are Helen which has its own explanation and possibly Lizzie. On the subject of Lizzie and condoms, I am still undecided on where to go about it.

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