Cat's POV chapter, and Kylie

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Cat was supposed to be the main character of the main story taking place in the Black Lotus dungeon, back when I was planning to build a serial dedicated to it.

I am no longer sure that I really want to develop the original story behind Cat’s story, but I might still use the various characters and story lines planned for Cat into Pets and Pat.

Now, Pets chapters occurring at the dungeon will mostly be self-centered: Richard, Candy and Ellie visit the dungeon to basically do things between them in public.

They are not going there to really socialize even if they will talk with the others and perhaps sometimes play with the others.

When I returned in 2014, I considered turning Cat into a new serial, but I realized that Cat herself wasn’t interesting enough to be the main character of a serial and created Pat to take her place.

Is Pat interesting enough? We’ll see. She’s definitely different from my other characters.

Instead, Cat will be one of the important secondary characters of both serials with occasional POV chapters to further introduce her.

Cat was supposed to be a story about a character starting in the gutter and growing out of it.

Will we get to see her grow? I do not know yet.

But we’ll get to see it together!

 Kylie in the serial Lizzie

It was always planned that something sexual would occur between Kylie and Lizzie at the moment where Kylie would feel much closer to the core of the conspiracy.

In the mean time, the planned progress of the conspiracy slightly changed and a few upcoming twists became too important to ignore, making the sexual session between the two roommates occurs too far away to my tastes: I had hoped it would have occurred around chapter 14 or so and it finally occurred in chapter 30.

I must admit that part of the reasons is that I made Kylie looking a lot more disgusted with sex than I had planned. It’s as if she had taken control of my writing to avoid the relation with Lizzie… In reality, it served me right because that conflict culminated in chapter 21 when we larned that Lizzie was Suzy’s daugther from Suzy and Jill.

But make no mistakes, Kylie was so cold because of her internal conflict with her father and sees Lizzie as everything she would have wanted to be.

If you are a Kylie-Lizzie shipper, this must be great news for you, but sadly, this will probably be an isolated incident and not a repetitive occurrence.

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