What is CMNF ?

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One of the Tags many of my stories have is the tag CMNF, which means “Clothed Male(s), Naked Female(s)”.

I personally love female nudity, in case you haven’t noticed yet, but I was always under the impression it meant “group” nudity. Most of my older stories (especially those not published here) usually feature nudity in the woman only if the men are also naked.

To me, that  just sounded normal. When the women undress, the men follow suit. I did have some scenes, such as in Susanna, where a female character was naked while surrounded by clothed people, but it was to highlight something with the character not a deliberate display of CMNF. In the first version of Sylvana for example, it was clear that John also had to undress, just because in my mind, nudity was usually shared.

It’s only in the mid 2000s that I discovered the site cmnf.co.uk (now defunct) on which I was a frequent collaborator. The site mostly exchanged CMNF pictures but it was also a forum to discuss and share stories or ideas.

That’s when my personal erotic universe separated the female nudity from the male one. I started writing stories in which the female characters were either glad or forced to undress while the man stayed clothed.

In Pets for example, this is very present: Ellie clearly prefers not to wear clothes regardless of whether others are clothed or not. Candy soon copies her but Richard only removed his own clothes to actually have sex.

Almost all (if not all) Helen chapters will feature CMNF since she is captured and forced to remain nude while her captor keeps his clothes on. Lindsey will also feature quite a lot of it since she chooses to work in the nude to attract more customers.

I did highlight a few Suzy and Jill chapters with the CMNF tag because of moments during which one or both of the girls are naked while the lead character is still dressed, but this is actually in error.

Real CMNF involves distinct phases during which the man are wearing clothes and (some of) the women aren’t. If a couple is about to have sex by the woman undresses a few minutes before the man, the span of time is technically CMNF but it doesn’t strictly constitute a part of the paraphilia unless that specific period was clearly separated from the following scene.

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  2. Andrra Says:


    I read erotica all of the time, and of course masturbate. I just found out what CMNF means. That is SO hot. I’m a bit of an exhibitionist and always give my peeping Tom neighbor a good show. The thought of being naked in front of men, or just one man is making my pussy throb!
    Thank you for your stories; you have mo idea what they do for a 50 yr. old woman, like me who might just be a sex addict….

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