Why don't my protagonists have a name ?

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You will notice a pattern in my first person narratives involving a man: the protagonist usually remains nameless.This is a tool I use to let my male readers substitute their own names for the hero, helping them get into the skin of the character. Even “John” from the Sylvana story is giving a fake name for the purpose of his cover.

In a few cases, I won’t have a choice because of the dialog to name the hero, but I try to avoid it when possible. If you think this is a problem, simply imagine that the main character has your own name.

On the opposite way, you’ll notice that most of my stories are named after the main female characters. At this moment, the only story published is “Sylvana”. The story I am currently writing is named “Suzy and Jill”. I have 2 other stories started in the past named “Lindsey” and “Susanna”.

My idea is to anchor in your mind who the ladies are so that you can easily picture them in your mind and fantasize about them.

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