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Not all of my stories shared a common universe, meaning that the characters do not evolve in the same world.

For example, Helen, for the moment, occurs in its own universe meaning that none of the other characters from that story can interact with characters from other stories. I cannot promise that I won’t find a way to integrate it with my other stories should I have a great idea to tie it with another story, but there is no plans for it.

Susanna, Sam and Phil each occur in their own universes because they contain sci-fi or fantasy which make them occur outside of our own reality. Susanna could always simply be in the near future where “Prevar” has been invented but Sam and Phil both have supernatural elements.

My other stories however, occur in reality and as such, share the same universe. Let me confirm it explicitly: Lindsey, Suzy and Jill, Pets, Lizzie, Sylvana and Cathy all occur in the same universe and characters might one day meet each other.

In fact, some of the characters from different stories are already connected even if nothing is apparent yet.

Do you want spoilers ?

The following Characters live in or near Baltimore, Maryland:

  • Suzy, Jill and their unnamed boyfriend, from Suzy and Jill
  • John” and Sylvana, from Sylvana, but it wasn’t decided until recently well after John’s search for Sylvana was over
  • Richard, Ellie and Candy, from Pets
  • Lizzie is originally from the area even thought she is now in California
  • In the Second Chapter of Cathy, she received a group of BDSM adepts from Maryland

New York, which isn’t far from Baltimore also plays a role:

  • Michael and Lindsey are from New York
  • In chapter #23 of Pets, Ellie shops in New York
  • The ex-wife of Cathy‘s father and her kids are in New York

In General, it is mostly coincidental. I have never been to Baltimore but it struck me as both close to Washington and New York while being the largest independent city in the USA. Yet, the city itself had less than 700,000 inhabitants (thought it’s metropolitan area hosts 2,7 millions residents).

I presumed that most of my readers wouldn’t be from Baltimore and that I would be able to write in vague terms about the city without offending the few residents. I also figured it would be easier researching a single city rather than half a dozen ones.

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