Why are class S slaves so expensive?

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In the Susanna universe, each teenager, on his or her 19th birthday, is sold at an action to slavery for 2 years. There are 4 classes of slaves, from which the teenager can freely choose but if he or she isn’t selected in his chosen class, they are sold at a rebate on their gender’s “default” class.

The four classes are :

  • D: Domestic, default for girls, these are maids and nannies. Their auctions usually start around 10,000$ and they rarely go higher than 12,000$ or 13,000$ unless certified. When they have followed a month-long course (which Susanna’s parent intended her to take), they can go up to 20,000$.
  • L: Labor, default for boys, these are laborers. They work in fields, factories, drive cars and do other manual tasks. Their auctions usually start around 15,000$ but depending on specialty can fetch a lot more, perhaps as high as 23,000$.
  • M: Military. This is an option usually only for boys. They do not actually work for the military. They are used as bodyguards, security agents and other protection services. They start at 20,000$ but not mentioned in the story is that if their tasks are dangerous, they get a multiplier. For example, a boy purchased as a bodyguard at 28,000$ (as in chapter 11) will actually receive a tax-free direct in his pocket of 50% of the sales price, 14,000$ in this case.
  • S: Sexual, This option is rarely used by boys because there isn’t a market for it. Uncertified Class S slaves usually costs over 100,000$ and certified slaves can sell for over 300,000$

Needless to say, the backbone of the slave system is to sell Class S slaves. That in fact, you may have guessed it, the core reasoning behind the system, thought nobody will admit it publicly.

Imagine a world where you can buy a beautiful 19 year old girl to use as a sex slave as you wish for 2 full years. You want to run a brothel and charge for admission and free access to as many girls you want ? You just need to buy a few of them and make sure you have plenty of clients.

In fact, for only 50,000$ per year you can always have a young girl to follow everyone of your fantasies. You want to have a threesome ? Buy two ! You have a perversion your wife doesn’t enjoy to do, just buy one and keep her hidden in a one bedroom apartment. If she escapes, the police will bring her back to you.

I personally think this would be barbaric, which is why when I decided that Susanna would enjoy it so much. If I had decided to focus on Olivia, who is there only to save her father, I wouldn’t have been able to write it.

But seeing as class choices are entirely voluntary, I don’t think a lot of 19 year old girl would volunteer to serve for two full years as sex objects for only a few thousand dollars.

If a Class D were too expensive, it would be more economical to actually hire someone you do not have to feed, heal, dress and lodge for 2 years and whom you could fire any time without cost.

Same thing with a Class L or a Class M. And in all three cases, by the time they have experience at doing their job, their contracts are up and you lose them, making them less valuable.

But with a Class S, there are no equivalent. Prostitution is illegal not only in our world but it is even worse in Susanna’s world. There, prostitution isn’t only seen as immoral, it is also in competition with the very, very lucrative slave auction houses. And it keeps a fresh supply of young sexy girls willing to do anything because once they are sold they no longer have a say on what they are willing to do or not.

So that’s where the equilibrium is set. When the Class S cost too much, no one buys them. When their price become too low, girls stop to volunteer for the class and supply drops.

It also explains the difference between the cost of an uncertified Class S and a certified one. The various slave schools wouldn’t survive for the few Class D and Class L who decides to slightly increase their sales price. After all, would you follow a one month training and pay several thousand dollars just for potentially a few thousand more ?

But because a certified class S starting price is often 200,000$, the students are willing to pay for training and the 10% commission from the schools usually vastly exceeds the cost of the initial training.

So, why are Class S slaves so expensive ? Because on one hand, it’s the only way to convince girls to do it and on the other hand, the various fees keep the slave auctions houses running, the slave academies profitable and supplies vast income tax returns to the government.

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