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The main character of Karen (another unnamed male protagonist) is a happily married man who, on his fifth year anniversary of their marriage, receives from his wife (Karen) a chastity device secured via his prince Albert piercing he received the previous year at her request.

Slowly, he will discover that  his wife isn’t exactly who he thought she was.

He knew she had a high sex drive, but he had no idea of how far she wants to go sexually.

In short, he will have to learn to live with the chastity device (carefully chosen by Karen because it can be used as a dildo while her husband is wearing it) while discovered a more and more dominating wife who loves to tease him and eventually, humiliate him.

They say with chastity to be careful of what you wish for, but our poor little protagonist never wish for this! All he wanted was a very hot wife, but he will eventually learn of a new meaning to the term “hot wife”

Will he learn to love the new lifestyle or will he long to go back to the old days?

Stay tuned for more!


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