Welcome Tales of MU Readers !

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I have decided to encourage my favorite online writer, Alexandra Erin by purchasing a banner advertisement on her excellent website, Tales of MU.

You will find that my style is very different than her writing, but I hope you will appreciate my stories anyway. If you do like them, please comment on each chapter! It will encourage me to continue further and perhaps improve thanks to your critics.

If you like my writing a lot, talk to your friends and link to my site. I am not asking for money, in fact, I don’t even have banner ads. Your comments are my only source of gratification !

As mentioned in the ad, I run 5 stories with 1 new chapter per day. You can browse the stories using the right column, including a box putting the series in chronological order.

Unlike Alexandra who uses tags for characters, I use my tags for subjects. You can browse by subject but I still recommend reading the stories in the order published.

Thank you for visiting and have a good time !

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