So, where are the new chapters ?

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Today is the second day without a chapter after last Thursday. I would like to explain why.

I write stories in my spare time. Some people like to watch TV, others make puzzles. I write stories.

This blog hosts all my NSFW stories. Those that contains sexual content in one way or another. I am publishing anonymously because I wouldn’t want these stories to haunt me. I can imagine my mother reading them and crying because she raised a pervert or some other criticism that she could imagine.

Same thing with many of my close minded friends. They wouldn’t understand these are just stories.

But some of my friends do read my stories and many of them actually enjoy them. One of my friends is a big fan of Lizzie and calls me each time I program another chapter to get the scoop of what is going on.

Another is into BDSM and had received many of the Pets chapters 2 years ago when they were being written and loves to see the missing gaps appearing online. He actually helped me a lot with the research into what BDSM is and I have to thank him for a lot of ideas.

But in many cases, my friends ask me: Why don’t you write normal stories?

I always reply: in which way are these not normal stories? We have characters, action, dialog, relationships. Sure, some are more porn than others, but in many of the cases, I have tried to make you feel close to my characters.

And judging from the reactions of my friends when we meet or talk on the phone, I am succeeding.

But I get their point. I could very well write a story for a PG audience and improve my skills at other things.

So, in the beginning of January, I was seeing that I had until last Thursday programmed and I began writing a PG story to be potentially published under my real name. Friends heard of it and even thought no one saw a single line of text, they love the idea.

So I am writing that story. I am 1/3 of the way in and it is looking like it could be my best story so far. I have no doubt that writing for this blog helped me craft my skills and improve my story-telling abilities.

Soon, I should be done. Most likely before the end of the month of February. Then, I will be able to return to my NSFW writing. I have a ton of chapters partially written and many ideas planned during the Christmas season that I just can’t wait to write.

But this PG project could be the first thing I could ever publish under my real name and that is something I never thought could be possible.

Don’t ask, if you don’t know my real name, you won’t hear about it. If you know me in real life, read my Facebook and you’ll see what I am talking about.

In all cases, my stories will eventually return in due time.

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